The focus of future processes is a telemedicine network due to the lack of radiologists in Senegal. The clinic will reflect its mission-critical processes and image management with a minimum of paper by scalable picture archive and communication system (PACS) and a digital workflow including central patient management system.

The central objective is

  • To establish a telemedicine network over four locations / hospitals
  • to establish a seamless and fully-digital image workflow
  • accelerate diagnosis,
  • to reduce errors,
  • to integrate operation theatres or outpatient surgeries via diagnostic workstations
  • avoiding long patient trips to Dakar

in order to enable a fast access to digital images for all departments involved.

The most important aim is to improve efficiency through elimination of film costs and to accelerate the diagnostic process and findings.

Target achievement

A structured requirement specification was created with all the necessary process descriptions, timing, project organization and structural requirements for implementation. This also included also exchanging opinions and information with the bound hospitals as well as the central communication with external hospitals for second medical opinions and internet access to all patient data. The challenge was all the interfaces to the different systems, the restructured workflow of the medical staff, the training for medical professionals and IT staff for the maintenance.