The order was placed in 2015 and the task was to determine which standardized and financially feasible innovations in relation to the entire IT could be made for the year 2022. It was essential that it was the entire IT of a hospital, starting with a Hospital Information System (HIS), medical reporting systems, operating theaters, pharmacy, hygiene and warehouse management, kitchen, patient care, patient transport, employee management, access controls, billing, rounds, and patient room equipment. Another target was how to minimize mistakes and how the entire system can be economical and easy to maintained.


Target achievement

It was determined when the study was creation that the entire hardware (server, computer, printer, scanner, router, WLAN, bare code reader / scanner, etc.) had also to be integrated in the master plan. The greatest challenge was to create an optimal and easily understandable and easy to handle workflow (from patient registration to diagnosis, treatment path to patient discharge) for the medical staff as well as the patient. The study also included digital communication for second opinions, tumor board meetings and electronic transmission of data to the patient. A rough cost estimate and cost / benefit calculation were also a part of the study. The required public tenders were based on the study.