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We are the “Healthcare Solutions Architects”.
Our mission is to develop infrastructure for holistic eHealth system in a manner that enables scalable solutions as conditions for achieving sustainable digital results.
We bring to play, our experience and an outstanding international expertise of long-term knowledge base in the healthcare sector.
Our objective targets health infrastructure for governmental institutions, private organizations, Corporations, NGOs with a focus on improving sustainability.
Our philosophy pays special attention to upholding transparent economic synergies.
Therefore our services encompass packing specialized tools which enhance quality delivery in the healthcare sector.

Our market

Digitization of and transformation in national and international healthcare systems

The roadmap to inter disciplinary eHealth construction

In the digital age a well-designed eHealth solution package is an intelligent skills transfer provider. In weak healthcare systems domain particular in developing nations, this can replace the healthcare professional where there is shortage of trained profesionals.
In the interest of patient care, individual solutions must give way to enable very strict adherence to professionally transparent protocols. Bothe nationally and internationally, this give added value that are scalable and are extremely useful at cross border destinations.
The eHealth file fulfils an interdisciplinary data collation of patient medical history, past treatment and past diagnostic investigations all summarized and made available under one roof. This fulfils of an urgently needed packaging of patient data which is accessible any time anywhere.

IT Governance in healthcare

Our philosophy is based on the principles of IT governance

A good IT governance solution is a strategic basis for all players in the health care system and helps to consolidate economic foundations. It has to be accepted by all levels (government and market participants) of the healthcare system and therefore extends far beyond the four walls of IT.

It is a practical, analytical attempt to clarify the complex conditions of change piece by piece and to compensate for the weaknesses of linear control models.

IT governance helps measure the success of the entire healthcare system, including financial investments and running costs.

Our services

Our aim is the creation of holistic, practice-relevant, transparent, cost-efficient, innovative analog and digital new processes and the systematic further development of eHealth strategies and systems to improve the health infrastructure and health care.


Advice on effective planning and control of resources, assistance in decision-making, support in the procurement of capital goods and services

Process organization

We do not only want to “ tie up loose ends ” together for IT systems. It’s about the interlocking of digital and also analog processes for a cost-efficient, accelerated and mistake-minimized process overall system.


Structure and grasp relationships, simplify exchange of analog and digital medical information - beyond geographical, linguistic, hardware and software boundaries.

Project management

Structured concepts, processes, definition of software functionalities, creation of specifications, project controlling

The Healthcare Solutions Architect

Trusted Platform

As a long-term member of the board of a global health IT company, Wolfgang Kersten a consultant, with international expertise in over 60 countries since 20 years is the Chairman of Globalhealth Network and Service as well as the spokesman for health expert group, “Strategic Partnership Technology in Africa (SPTA)”.
He is projects initator for the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


Based on our expertise and experience we use principles of IT governance.
This offers detailed information about benefits of connected eHealth systems globally.


Globalhealth delivery principle is based on one roof approach, (one stop - shop), givining you everything from a single source.
We offer expert

  • Consulting
  • Moderation
  • Process organisation
  • Project management

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