Who we are

Globalhealth is designed to deploy high end Consulting and Management services to answer questions concerning on modern infrastructure and administration in the healthcare sector.
Our knowledge of modern, complex health care systems enable us to offer you insights, precise solutions to meet your requirements, needs and expectations.

Implementations of our solutions are offered with great pleasure in team spirit.
Beyond classic consultation, we are indeed ICT Architects who not only solve issues but provide prompt economic transformation with impact
All of these enable us to turn over your organisation into a more viable enterprise

Our customers

Our greatest strength is an outstanding core competence in health care. We look after university hospitals, hospitals, medical practices, government organizations, business and NGOs. We want to face the challenge to meet of our customers the individual requirements and needs. The result is that we offer modern and timely solutions that will meet our customers’ expectations. In addition to our know-how, we rely on friendliness, reliability and confidentiality. This enables us to achieve the greatest possible customer satisfaction.

Why we help

We support you to integrate your challenge into your organization in the best possible way. In addition to all the organizational aspects is a high level of employee motivation a key success factor. And with a high level of employee motivation can we together achieve your tactical aims. We support you to react to new challenges in the best possible way so that you can achieve your strategic goals. We achieve this, among other things, with a high feel-good factor for your employees. Because those who feel comfortable at work like to do more in their job.

That’s how we work in a team

Globalhealth Network & Service is a team-led office. We chose this form of organization out of the conviction that this is how we can give the best support to our customers.

We are a young company with experienced consultants, some of whom have been in the business for over 30 years. Our roots are in the healthcare sector where we have successfully completed many national and international projects.

Our target

We have built up extensive know-how in all our projects. Thanks to our experience can we differentiate exactly when are new topics, products or methods are a real improvement for our customers or where only old hiding under the cloak of the new.

In all of our work, we always focus on one big target: We want to lead our customers to success in their projects.

Personal meeting

We would be happy to provide you with further information about our company and our working method if you send an E-Mail hallo@gh-network.com. We’re looking forward to your contacting.