The challenge

The Healthcare Service System is complex.
It involves large numbers of Stakeholders, each with its own requirements, needs and expectations. Consequently, Challenges arise in attempts to meet these various expectations.
It is with pleasure that we confront these Challenges because they give us the stimulus Impulse to unfold our expertise, position this to provide timely and economically benefiting solutions and meet the needs of all and every Stakeholder

How we see our customers’ requirements

Medical organizations and institutions

  • Packaging, consolidation and communication of patients relevant information
  • Uplifting efficiency through transparent processes, in particular to support decision making stakeholders who possess subject-specific knowledge base.
  • Increase targets set in planning, implementing and controlling of IT processes; going from focus on specific-technology-orientation to consideration for comprehensive and transparent framework that is oriented towards “Patients benefits”
  • Enables Avoidance of IT hotchpotch
  • Encourages a more systematic approach for development of eHealth Strategies
  • Improves design of Telematics structures for service providers and patients
  • Facilitates effective Basic Training , Specialty and Continuous Education through deployment of eLearning tools


  • Faster and mobile support services are enabled
  • Self-sufficiency is improved qualitatively
  • Enables deployment of Experts knowledge base irrespective of time and place
  • Provides simplified, clearer overview of services and the quality of services rendered
  • Delivers transparency in the services provided by Healthcare Professionals , Providers and Medical Institutions


  • Qualitative improvement in health care access
  • Increase in Economic efficiency of health care services
  • More secured and assured infrastructure in healthcare
  • Further expansion of Digitalization
  • Mobile Digital Health applications
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Big data applications
  • Digital health literacy and sovereignty of the Patient
  • Cross-border cooperation in health care delivery

Service areas


  • Advice on effective planning and control of processes and resources
  • EMR (electronic medical record) advice and support
  • Actual / target analyzes
  • Profitability analyzes
  • Strategic and tactical target definitions
  • Creation of specifications / criteria catalog for tender
  • Contract review, assistance with decision-making and award recommendation

Process organization

  • Process analyzes (actual / target comparison)
  • Process interfaces (cross-organizational)
  • Process flow chart (analog and digital)
  • Process SWOT analysis
  • Process reengineering


  • Capture, structure and communicate relationships
  • Develop medical information exchange
  • Beyond geographical, linguistic, hardware and software boundaries
  • Bringing together the different needs of all stakeholders

Project management

  • Structured conception
  • Integration of process flows
  • Software / hardware (IT / capital medical equipment) functionalities
  • Project controlling and escalation management
  • Check for compliance with the specifications
  • Final acceptance check and support

Our focus

  • Professional counselling and advice concerning components in eHealth and their use
  • Introduction and use of the EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
  • Advice on State-of-the art Medical equipment, examples, (CT, MRI, LHC, X-ray, Angiography , Ultrasound )
  • Analysis of their Economic output
  • Professional Support in Deploying Data Communication tools to optimize delivery in healthcare facilities and the process and procedures with Partners
  • Support is provided in Data exchange (Data communication) for Diagnosis, Therapy and Patients Screening
  • Inter-relationship between Structure and Function which enables exchange of medical information across geographical, linguistic, Information Technology hardware and Software borders.
  • Present Clinical findings, Clinical Interventions and expected Treatment Outcome in structured format to facilitate understanding irrespective of location
  • Provision of Specifications and Catalog of Criteria for Tenders
  • Knowledge of legal requirements for (EU Medical Devices Act (MPG), FDA)
  • Auditors analysis of Actual / Expected Cost, Profitability Assessments and Targeted goals